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by the "Miami night" come out of the NIKE LEBRON 9 LOW "remember the night", showing the Miami morning scene for us to perfect the design by designer GourmetKickz, the body of the shoe to obscure the south coast of blue, grey and orange mixed color showing beach, sea and sun feeling. The white bottom has been added to this color decoration, on the same bottom gray also joined the ecstasy of the red AIR MAX window full palm cushion, colorful gradient insoles south coast blue gray and orange is one of the highlights of this section. 2012-11-6 11:13 upload and download attachments (294.39 KB) 2012-11-6 upload and download attachments at 11:14 (316.44, KB) 2012-11-6 upload and download attachments at 11:14 (315.09, KB) 2012-11-6 upload and download attachments at 11:14 (331.14, KB) 2012-11-6 upload and download attachments at 11:14 (223.53, KB) 2012-11-6 upload and download attachments at 11:14 (246.12, KB) Bespoke Nike Air Force 1, with its unique originality, should attract the attention of many shoe fans. This time the custom version of the Nike Air Force 1, uppers of leather design simple, no lining package, laces, leather wrapped midsole and sewn leather insole, these details reflect the noble quality of shoes. The launch of the two shoe products were black / Brown and white / brown color style variety, but the operation principle and design are immutable and frozen. Have you ever thought that there is no bike chain bike can still continue to walk? This is a let you sit up and take notice of design. German designer for bicycle without chain unveiled, cyclists tied in is called "fliZ" bike running or walking can drive the bicycle to move for foamposites for cheap ward. The word Fliz comes from the German word for "Flitzen", which means using your feet to feel like flying. FliZ inspiration from in Germany Karl Drais in 1817 invented the world's first car two car appearance such as today's bicycles but there is no pedal. bicycle by German designer Han Brock and history of Beit design, people in riding a bicycle and need to put their own safety belt fixed in the car, followed by using a leg walking or running speed as the driving force to make the bike run, put the feet on the rear foot pedal. Designers in the car is loaded with five point safety belt, to provide users with a comfortable running feeling at the same time, and can take the place of the seat, and accord with human body engineering principle, and users can adjust their position. design of this car is intended to help solve the urban traffic congestion, to provide people with a new way of health and environmental protection. FliZ has been shortlisted for the famous British International Industrial Design Awards - annual James Dyson award, if eventually win, the team will get bonus of 1 million pounds. The research team is working hard to find ways to improve bicycle defects, such as how to effectively turn. Prior to this year, Fliz has won an outstanding award at the Taipei International Bicycle Show.parties focused on the economy of Vietnam during the consultation, China Bank (4.30,0.13,3.12%, bar) branch Hu Zhiming governor Wang Qingbo said on June 4th -9 conducted a survey that asked 24 Chinese funded enterprises in Vietnam originally was directed to what Vietnam? answers focused on eight aspects, namely: political stability, excellent geographical location and convenie Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale nt transportation, abundant resources, cheap labor cost, preferential tax policy, WTO enjoy preferential conditions to avoid trade barriers, China adjust the industrial structure, and the development of the bridgehead to other ASEAN countries. now, as the Chinese manufacturing shift in Vietnam, the economic depression effect can maintain how long, but also depends on whether the above eight aspects of fundamental change. , however, the situation of foreign investment to Vietnam with a sudden turn for the worse, a preferential policy is gradually reduced, the cost of labor is no longer so cheap, often strike, by the unrest opportunity, investors shall not re-examine the specific project...... Vietnam National Day (September 2nd), there are more than three months time, the Vietnamese financial turmoil wave whether it can stop? Vietnam's industry is re shuffle, or domino effect, directly to reinvent the wheel? Can the Chinese funded and Taiwanese funded enterprises, both affected by exchange rate and inflation, persist in the end? in any case, how can we remain calm in the eyes of a country that profits from its homeland in the storm of Vietnam's financial turmoil? "today's Vietnam is reminiscent of the 1997 Asian financial turmoil."." Zhongshan University south of the Five Ridges institute finance department director Lu Jun said. the shock wave of the turmoil in the financial market in Vietnam is far from the limit. , like Galanz, Lifan and new hope (8.96,0.55,6.54%, bar) and some other layout, Vietnamese Chinese enterprises in an interview with this reporter, both expressed concern about the turmoil in the Vietnamese financial markets. Some of them are beginning to jordans on sale mens waver in their plans to move into Vietnam, while some plan to shelve production plans for the time being while others are preparing to cut production capacity. Hubei Yihua (18.13,1.32,7.85%, bar) (000422.SZ) in June 12th in the announcement "to show" -- "2005 decided to set up investment in Vietnam China chemical industry limited company in Vietnam, intends to manufacture and sale of urea fertilizer products, in view of Vietnam economic fluctuations, the company temporarily withdrew the work in Vietnam personnel, the project only hired a translator and liaison work." army believes that the turmoil in the financial market in Vietnam, the local investment in enterprises have some impact, but whether this unrest will continue to deepen, it is worth further observation. The Pearl River Delta, many labor-intensive industries, such as clothing factories, especially Hong Kong funded Taiwanese enterprises, as the ideal place for industrial transfer of Vietnam, may now pause." )Previously said Jordan Brand in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Air Jordan World Cup to create a series of. Now NSW won first team, invited Materazzi to Nike Tiempo 94 to create a Air Jordan series. Air Jordan 1 classic color scheme used in the Nike Tiempo above 94, showing a new tide of flu don't. Nike Tiempo 94 Mid Air Jordan Series in February 23rd will continue in the designated store market, price: $130. 139314460603260-1C949.jpg (60.8 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-2-23 17:42 upload 1393144605M640-156211.jpg (62.07 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-2-23 17:42 upload 1393144603H3P-4OW.jpg (52.96 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-23 17:42 upload 139314460355c0-3Q08.jpg (5 Cheap foamposites for sale 3.76 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-23 17:42 upload 1393144603411F-2a53.jpg (50.53 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-23 upload 17:42 13931446031010-13338.jpg (50.08 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-2-23 upload 17:42 1393144603WT0-5D29.jpg (129.14 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-23 17:42 upload 139314460431A0-U935.jpg (36.44 KB, 0 Downloads- a penny, a great deal. - in buying things, we have had the desire, but can not have the experience, whether it is price or rarity, will become our "chasing" trend, can not be insurmountable wall. If you thought, and in a hot single product hit ", with more than head broken and bleeding" affordable price to buy more things, isn't it? This is what we create no worries into the meaning of the column, below, we have to look at what we have prepared for the value of a single product. COMME, DES, GAR, ONS, x, Pharrell, Williams, Girl, Eau,, De, Parfum price: $75, or about 500 RMB ($109) purchase address Pharrell Williams and COMME des GAR? ONS jointly developed the "Girls" perfume, to the iris, hanging bead flower, violet, patchouli and cedar as the substrate, the bottle is among the most fiery designer KAWS? Complete packaging show signs of design elements. Believe in the use of this perfume, you can be like Pharrell Williams previous big singles, let people "Happy" up. editor suggests: "here you have the design of three people, Pharrell, Williams, Wakubo Rei, KAWS.". OFF-WHITE Relaxing? Girl? Tee? price: $147, or about 980 RMB ($244) purchase address OFF-WHITE brings in the earlier Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 new quarter you have a taste Cheap foamposites for sale of some, but in the new before the arrival of a more favorable price to buy the original design is also a good choice. Faced with a lot of "explosion" on the street, the T-shirt didn't use its brand name "deceleration belt" design in the design, but "White" and "OFF-WHITE c/o〉" behindAs the Jordan Brand mountains Air shoes, Jordan 1 since the release has become a large number of fans of shoes shoes and necessary entry, in addition to the official engraved classic color than the new color creation is Everfount recently, "Gym Red" theme shoes officially launched.Thailand Eric Koston American skateboarder in signing Nike SB after the launch 2011 personal signature shoes Pro Model. The seemingly simple plain shoes, actually collocation of lightweight Lunarlon insoles, in addition to reducing the burden of wearing feet outside, can upgrade to control the slide, believe this can become a weapon insole Shoes Comfort promotion. Mache has been on the James series of custom big shoes have a special liking, the re launched a new design of color Nike LeBron phantom X, the designer of the old-fashioned Skybox basketball card for inspiration, and some fans of shoes issued different views, said in a previous version of the Hurley x Nike Air Max 90 "Phantom 4D" branded shoes for inspiration, down Public opinions are divergent. discussion, we still have to enjoy this new custom bring us visual impact. The body of the shoe to green to Turquoise and purple color as the main color changeable shoes, with black lining, tongue and Swoosh decoration, green fluorescence dynamic eye-catching fly line and palm ZOOM midsole and outsole, more dazzling. 2012-12-27 10:20 upload and download attachments (222.06 KB) 2012-12-27 upload and download attachments at 10:20 (247.66, KB) 2012-12-27 upload and download attachments at 10:20 (265.15, KB) each year in many apparel brands will see DECK SHOES & nbsp; figure, whether it is sports or street fashion brands, showing that this historic double shoes has its unique charm. People at the mouth of a sailor shoes, boat shoes, can be called DECK SHOES (deck shoes), combined with the name of these three can be understood as a sailor dress can move around freely on the ship's deck shoes, so that you can understand why there are so However, the name refers to more than just the same shoes. & Nbsp; often hear the phrase "everything from life", can also be used DECK SHOES shoes body, dating back to the origins, DECK SHOES was founded by Paul Sperry, also the founder of Sperry Topsider boat shoes brand, was originally a boat will be marked every day dealings with people. People working in the early years on the ship's deck to be at risk of slipping at any time, Paul Sperry as the players naturally also suffered such a pain, so always wanted a pair can move around freely on the ship's deck shoes. Interestingly, however, give him what inspired his beloved dog, because he saw his dog on the deck can move around freely and not easily fall, in addition to the dog's heavy heart, but it is definitely the secret of feet at such times according to fumble, Paul Sperry has designed a pair of herringbone grooves and enough to cope DECK SHOES shoes on the deck work. This is a double first in order to highlight a very practical work on board shoes, even shoes look is specially molded into the ship looks like, generally rectangular leather laces, is said to be easy to get wet on board, in addition to It refers to a feature there is a clear front toe sewing thread, of course, born since 1935 after nearly 80 years of transition, DECK SHOES also has a wealth of change, wingtip, Slip-On design elements onto the table, and a variety of material mix, the use of mosaic, showing a flourishing prosperity. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in Friday's edition of Chinese running man -- the run! Brothers ", the artist Wong Cho Lam whole wearing a dark green color running shoes, orange red runway logo conspicuously declares puma turned lineage, this is summer puma, the main push of the lightweight running shoes puma in 300 v3. speaking of Puma, you have to mention adidas. Puma founder Rudolf Dassler Adidas founder Adolf Dassler's brother, two brothers had in the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century the joint venture Dassler brothers become when the global sports shoes brand leadership. Unfortunately, in 1948, the two parted ways, his brother Adolf will Dassler brothers renamed for Adidas, brother Rudolf also established puma from loved ones become rivals. Although from the point of view of performance and market share, Puma is far better than Adidas, even in the early nineties of the last century, when on the verge of bankruptcy, but then the combination of cultural products and, limited sale of stunts and star effect of publicity, let puma to return to the field of high-grade. Since then, the trend of fashion has become one of the reasons why Puma loved. to return to the theme of shoes puma in 300 V3, in fact and puma in series compared to the brand is more important is technology series of shoes adequacy gimmick more puma Mobium dynamic, but puma in series with the lightweight design of rubber and foam material combination of puma FaasFoam, in the category of brand shoes also occupies very important position. Today introduced the Faas Puma 300 V3 is the use of FaasFoam+ a piece of the bottom, increase the comfort of wearing and better rebound, weight less than FaasFoam 25%. we first want to talk about the Faas Puma series of grading rules, Faas series according to the number of labels to distinguish, the higher the number, the bottom of the more thick, can provide the slow shock effect is better, more comfortable. 100 represents the most frivolous, 1000 represents the most protective. So we can choose according to their usual place to run. Like Faas Puma 300 V3 is enough to be competent in the rubber playground and a better road traffic in the city of hard ground running. The tongue will clearly show the type of shoe, people at a glance. then we are going to talk about shoes, in a number of brands in order to pursue more cushioning, more support, more breathable and so on performance and on the shoes added many modifications, Puma in 300 V3 uncharacteristically, minimalist way to build uppers. Men's shoes on the strip cutting coating to increase the package and protection, more intimate will be the female model of the shoe to simplify the design into a point of reflection effect, increase the protection of night running. Faas Puma 300 V3 women's Puma Faas 300 V3 men